8 Bathroom Design Trends of 2019


Bathrooms are so much more than they were decades ago. Today, they are an integral part of the design of your overall home, and they bring additional character and personality to the overall environment. This year’s bathroom design trends embrace this concept, leading to an exciting opportunity to really make your home stand out among the rest.

8 Bathroom Design Trends that Can Enhance Your Home

1. Go black.

It’s a bold move, but one that we are seeing frequently in bathroom designs. When you choose black for the floor tile, walls, and fixtures, it will actually make the room glisten. It’s also a daring atmosphere that will draw interest from your guests.

Bathroom design trends of 2019 include all-black bathrooms.
2. Neutral is always in style.

Neutral bathrooms are easy to live with, easy to clean, easy to modify … simply easy. And that’s a trend we are still seeing in overall home designs: an atmosphere that is calm, soothing, inviting, and as stress-free as can be. Here’s the trick this year, though: if you choose to go neutral, use the same color and material for almost everything in the bathroom. It’s the opposite of the all-black bathroom design trend we’re seeing, but it creates the same effect.

3. Include art decor in the bathroom.

One piece of beautiful art in the bathroom can create a warm, elegant atmosphere. It also ensures that you’re giving the bathroom the respect it deserves. Just make sure you hang it a distance away from any direct moisture.

4. Add a window or two.

Adding windows and skylights to bathrooms can give them a bright glow, add value to your overall home, and help you reduce the need for artificial lighting.

5. Marble is still in style.

White and gray marble, porcelain, and quartz can still create a smooth, sleek appearance in your bathroom. The durable materials are also sturdy and easy to keep clean.

6. Bring the spa into your home.

Transforming your bathroom into a spa, complete with the jet tubs and extravagant walls, really makes your bathroom a welcoming area of the home. Knowing exactly how to make this happen can be a challenge, but with the right bathroom design team by your side, the bathroom can become your own private oasis.

Transform your bathroom into an oasis.
7. Incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year or other trending colors.

The Pantone Color of 2019 is living coral. Because it is such a powerful color, you don’t want to overdo it. The bathroom, however, is the perfect spot to add a few color accents here and there, especially if you decided to go neutral or black from top to bottom.

Other trending colors include pewter, gunpowder, and lilac gray. Adding faucets, shower bars, and even rugs in these tones can create a stylish look if you do so in moderation.

In fact, exposed hardware in the bathroom is one of the bathroom design trends of 2019 as well. If that creatively structured hardware follows these color trends, it can really enhance the design of your bathroom.

8. Take advantage of mirrors.

Choose attention-grabbing mirrors that blend into your overall design. With the right trim, color, and size, your mirror can serve as another piece of art.

See Through a Bathroom Designer’s Eyes

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We’re excited about this year’s bathroom design trends, and we’re sure you will be too when you see what’s possible for your home.

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