How To Add Exposed Piping In Your Bathroom Design


Exposed piping is all the rage, with more homeowners opting to “bare it all” when it comes to bathroom design. But how do you know if you want to add exposed piping to your bathroom design?

In most bathrooms, homeowners opt to make the piping barely visible, either tucking most of it within the bathroom wall or blending it into the background.

With exposed piping, the shower system itself is a design element that brings personality to the bathroom.  Exposed pipes add a sparkling finish or provide a more dramatic look with pure matte black. Surprisingly enough, there are many choices in piping as this trend continues to grown.

What’s an exposed pipe shower to begin with?  

Exposed pipe showers are typically made of a visible pipe to the shower head, the shower head itself, and a knob. Some could include a handheld shower as well. The whole thing mounts on the wall, putting the entire system on full display. In many cases, this design creates an industrial look, befitting to many of the popular styles today.

Exposed piping isn’t limited to the shower or tub. Exposed sink pipes are a trend as well, and many homeowners have opted to do both.

Adding exposed piping in your bathroom design can give the bathroom a rustic yet trendy look.

When in doubt, should you leave the bare pipes out?

If you think you’re on board with this design, there’s no better time to go for the exposed look than when you’re remodeling a bathroom. Make sure you tell your design consultant that you’re interested in exposed piping, and she will happily design the space to fit.

However, make sure you are fully on board with this look before baring all, as once your pipes are out, they’re out for good. Or at least until you’re ready to renovate your bathroom again. Also, keep in mind the added task of cleaning exposed pipes.

If you’re interested in hiding your pipes all together, or at least showing very little pipe, read here.

So many finishes, so few pipes

There are several finishes to consider when opting to show off your bathroom pipes. There are matte black fixtures for a contemporary look, chrome for traditional design, and copper for a retro finish. Gold echoes luxury, while antique-looking hardware offers a throwback look and lots of character.

If your bathroom needs a design element that pops, a polished copper finish brings a modern, luxurious shine.

Exposed shower systems are available at most retailers and specialty fixture stores, and they range in price from about $200 up to the thousands for high-end finishes.

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