Bathroom Design Concepts that May be Fascinating Additions to Your Gilbert, Arizona Home

Modern design concepts can transform your bathroom.

Bathrooms are very different than they used to be generations ago. Today, they can be a focal point of your home, and you can include options that you never dreamed possible back then. The best bathroom design concepts incorporate modern technology with trendy styles to transform your bathroom from a place you need to go to a place you want to go.

6 Remarkable Bathroom Design Concepts You Might Consider

1. Think Local

Incorporating Arizona-themed decor and accessories into your bathroom design will make your bathroom an integrated part of the design of your overall home, rather than just a room that is required.

2. Satisfy the Techie in You

Modern day technology can step up the way you use your bathroom. Having something to read in the bathroom is nothing new, for example, but it’s now in a different format. Add electrical components that will allow you to charge that phone while you’re in the bathroom. You can also have heated floors, exhaust fans with lamps, massaging features, toilets that know your preferences, and virtually anything else you can imagine for your bathroom.

3. Mirrors Galore

Forget the picture-frame sized mirrors on your medicine cabinet. Today’s bathrooms feature wall-to-wall mirrors in elegant designs. The frames will serve as a design component, and the mirrors will make your bathroom appear larger.

4. Go Simple

It’s all about simple these days, so avoid cluttering your bathroom. When something is not in use, tuck it away.

You will love the way modern design concepts will make your Gilbert, Arizona bathroom look.
5. Bold Color

Contrast the color patterns in your bathroom to give it a fresh, attention-grabbing appearance. Gray is a trendy color for bathrooms in 2018 – not flat and boring grays but bright and vibrant grays. Then accent the bathroom with vivid colors that still stand out, like red.

6. Create Your Own Areas

We’ve always loved the Jack and Jill bathrooms, but it’s time to go beyond that. If the bathroom is large enough, each person in the family can have their own space in the bathroom, such as a shaving station, a vanity with a chair and compartmentalized accessories, and a stash of bath toys and children’s toothbrushes for the kids. In fact, with some careful thought and the help of a contractor, you might be able to put up or tear down walls in order to create separate areas for each person.

Ready for a Bathroom Redesign?

If you’re considering redesigning the bathroom in your Gilbert, Arizona home, now is the perfect time. This year’s bathroom design concepts and featured elements are so outstanding that once you finally remodel that bathroom, you’ll wish you had done it sooner.

Tell us what you want out of your new bathroom, and we’ll work with you to design a functional and beautiful room.


This year's bathroom design concepts and features can transform the bathroom. Contact us today to begin remodeling the bathroom in your Gilbert, Arizona home.

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