5 General Questions to Ask During a Bathroom Renovation Consultation

Bathroom Renovation Consultation

Once you decide for sure that you want to renovate your bathroom, you will need to talk with an excellent bathroom designer who serves the Mesa, Arizona area. You can feel confident that an experienced designer has heard all the questions before and will likely naturally answer them during your bathroom renovation consultation.

Still, following are some of the issues you should make sure you understand before the formal work to remodel your bathroom begins.

What to Ask Your Designer During Your Bathroom Renovation Consultation

1. How much?

This is clear and obvious, so we’ll start here. Remember to budget wisely before beginning your bathroom renovation.

2. How long?

Sometimes, home renovation projects go through one snafu after another, creating a seemingly endless process, especially when you work with amateur or inexperienced designers. That’s why it’s important to choose skilled, experienced designers who can give you an approximate timeline and stick to it.

A variety of issues could delay the process, of course, but you should still trust that the project will be completed in just about the timeframe you were given. Along those lines, the designer should communicate with you in case something unexpected occurs that will mean additional time or money is needed.

Bathroom Renovation Consultation

3. What do I need to do?

After your bathroom is remodeled, you should be thrilled with the results. And that means that your input was required from the get-go. When you clearly explain what you want, your designer should be able to make it happen for you.

4. What kind of warranties will I get?

During your bathroom renovation consultation, you will want to make sure you ask about any warranties you will receive. You should also make sure you receive the related documentation.

5. If something breaks right after the project is completed, will you fix it?

Your bathroom renovation should be up to your standards. If it’s not, you should be able to call on the design firm to fix the problem if it occurs shortly after the renovation and it’s not due to mishandling on your part.

Ask Us

These are only some of the questions you will want to get answered during your bathroom renovation consultation. There are many more, and they depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • the style of your home,
  • how many people live in the house,
  • the ages of the people who live there,
  • special needs, and
  • personal preference.

When you choose JK Cabinets & Design, we make efforts to truly understand your needs and preferences to ensure that the remodeled bathroom will be everything you want it to be.


Bathroom Renovation Consultation

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