“How Long Will You Be In There?” … A Bathroom Renovation Timeline

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“Are you done in the bathroom yet?!” … For any busy family on any given morning, this is a common question. But in this case, we’re not talking about morning routines; we’re talking about a bathroom renovation timeline.

“How Long Will You be in There?” … A Bathroom Renovation Timeline

The bathroom is a very important part of your life, and like any room in the home, you need to know how long it will take to complete renovations. The timeline will depend on many factors, including the specific work done, availability of contractors, and the size of your bathroom.

In general, however, you can expect roughly four weeks for a full renovation to an average-sized bathroom.

Here’s a rough timeline on what will be performed and when. …

Week One: Preparation

The first week of your bathroom renovation timeline will be spent preparing the site for remodeling. This will include any necessary demolition, placing down floor protection, installing dust barriers to keep the rest of your home clean, and placing sub-flooring if needed. The first week can also include rough plumbing, installation of a new tub, new electrical work, and installation of exhaust fans.

Bathroom Renovation Timeline

Week Two: Rough Carpentry

During the second week, the bones (for lack of a better term) of your bathroom will start to take shape. New walls will be built, and drywall will also be installed. This phase will likely include moisture barriers and other precautions around the tub and shower areas. The drywall process will also require a few days for mudding and taping to dry.

Week Three: Making it Pretty

After the first two weeks of work, you should start to see many of the visual features that will define your bathroom. You will likely see the tiles and countertops installed during this phase, as well as the first layer of paint over the walls. You can expect to see the vanity mirror installed, and any finish carpentry, such as custom cabinets, will be placed during this time.

Week Four: Finishing Touches

During the last week, your bathroom will be given the final details. This can include any remaining cabinetry or cabinet hardware, as well as towel hangers, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, and painting touch-ups. As a last step, your new bathroom will be given a meticulous cleaning, leaving you with a gorgeous new area.

Bathroom Renovation Timeline: Different for Every Project

This is just one example of a typical bathroom renovation. The project specifics can change, so be sure you contact the professionals at JK Cabinets & Design for a free remodeling consultation and you’ll have a better estimate on your bathroom renovation timeline.

Bathroom Renovation Timeline


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