Eight of the Biggest Bathroom Blunders when Remodeling

Preventing Water Damage in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often seen as a place of utility. But with modern materials and design, more people are starting to realize that the bathroom can be a relaxing haven, a quiet spa, and a place to escape. If you want to reinvent your bathroom, make sure you avoid the biggest bathroom blunders when remodeling.

Some are obvious, yet still occur all too often, while others may come as a complete surprise. Either way, you’ll want to avoid these bathroom blunders whenever possible.

Eight of the Biggest Bathroom Blunders When Remodeling

1. Leaving Out a (Small) Source of Natural Light

When you are remodeling the bathroom, remember that you want a small source of natural light if possible. Obviously privacy and saving wall space are important, so you probably don’t want a large window. But if you can have a small tinted window above the shower or on the exterior side of your bathroom, it can greatly enhance your remodeling results.

If the size, scope, and budget of your bathroom remodel allow it, talk to your contractor and make sure your bathroom has a clean, soft, and elegant source of natural light. If natural light is not possible, there are options that add soft elegance and beauty without a window.

Cozy bathroom art deco style

2. Forgetting to Add a Bathroom Fan

Bathroom fans aren’t just for removing offensive odors, as these important fixtures circulate air to reduce the chance of mold, mildew, and paint deterioration. Bathrooms have a lot of moisture, including in the air. A bathroom fan will help dry the air and reduce humidity, which will protect your recently remodeled bathroom for years to come.

3. Torpedoing Your Budget

How much money do you have to spend on your remodeling project? $5,000? $10,000? $20,000? Whatever the number is, make sure you precisely define your budget and stick to it. If something comes up in the middle of the project, you need to be disciplined enough to say no if you can’t afford it. You might discover that the finest countertops would really make a splendid bathroom, but the last thing you want is to stop construction midway through because you blew the budget. Avoid one of the biggest bathroom blunders when remodeling: overspending. Choose your budget and stick to it.

4. Crowding a Small Bathroom

A small bathroom with a few elegant features is better than a large bathroom crowded to the point of being crammed and uncomfortable. No matter how much you love a special table, large toilet, or wall-to-wall mirrors, you should always remember to give your bathroom a little breathing room, even at the expense of your favorite amenities. You’ll be much more comfortable if you lean on the side of minimalism as opposed to the bathroom blunder of packing it with everything your heart desires.

5. Getting Caught Up in Trends

Sure, that neon purple bathroom mirror frame and perfectly square toilet might seem chic and stylish now, but in a few years, when trends pass, it will look horrifically outdated. Do your future-self a favor and choose classic styles that are time-honored and sure to last.

6. Neglecting Storage Space

Biggest Bathroom Blunders when Remodeling

Every bathroom needs storage. Most of the time, you need more than you think. Plenty of storage in the bathroom could also be beneficial when you go to sell the home. Consider adding extra cabinetry or adding a convenient bathroom closet if possible, and take a look at enhancing the storage space by adding vertical shelving or shelves across the top of the bathroom walls.

7. Trying to DIY Too Much

Some things you can do yourself. Backsplash tile, for example, is a great opportunity to put your own sense of purpose and pride into the bathroom. Painting walls or adding a decorative lining can also be done by the home-improvement amateur.  However, anything involving the structure, water, or electricity should be handled by a fully qualified professional. Make sure a certified technician is handling any shower, toilet, or faucet system to ensure long-lasting quality from your plumbing.

8. Selecting the Wrong Materials

Bathrooms get wet, and that means you need to add materials that are made for these damp environments. Soft wood is a bad choice for bathrooms, as is particleboards and fabrics. Porous stone is also a poor choice for bathroom floors, as it will soak up water and could eventually harbor mold, mildew, and bacteria. In order to avoid another one of the biggest bathroom blunders when remodeling, make sure you are installing materials that are able to hold up in damp, wet areas of the home.

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Biggest Bathroom Blunders when Remodeling



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