Will any Cabinet do? Choosing Different Cabinet Characteristics

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Selecting the right kitchen cabinets can be fun; it can also be complex and frustrating! There are thousands of options, so choosing different cabinet characteristics can consume your time and drain your mental energy.

What style goes best with your decor? What sizes will give the best functionality? How can you possibly decide between shaker-style cabinets with white paint or louvered cabinet doors with a wood finish?

If you take your time and start from the beginning, choosing different cabinet characteristics is easier than you might think. …

Will Any Cabinet Do? Choosing Different Cabinet Characteristics

Cabinet Size and Shape

Choosing Different Cabinet Characteristics

The first characteristic to choose is cabinet size and shape, which will largely be decided by the space you’re working with. While the layout will be a major player, it is possible to make adjustments and selections to the size and shape of your cabinets. For example, you can choose between cabinet doors or sliding drawers, depending on your needs for storage. If space allows, you can install a tall Lazy Susan, or you can place sliding drawers in the lower cabinets.

Cabinet Color

The next step in choosing different cabinet characteristics is deciding what color or tone you want from your cabinets. Start by deciding on a wood finish or a painted finish. Wood is obviously a popular choice, as it gives the kitchen or bathroom a clean, natural look.

While you can select color and tone with wood finishes, it doesn’t offer the broad range of options that you can select with painted cabinets. After all, with painted cabinets, you can choose anything from classic faded white to neon green. (We might not recommend neon green, but hey, it’s your home!)

Cabinet Style

Finally, there is cabinet style. Cabinet style can range from traditional to contemporary and from complex to simple. One of the most common choices currently used is shaker-style cabinets. This type of cabinet uses clean, simple lines around the perimeter and gives the cabinet a nice decorative appeal without being excessively ornate.

Choosing Different Cabinet Characteristics

If you want an even more simplistic and minimalist style, you can choose flat cabinet doors. Sometimes called slab, this is a single, unobstructed piece of flat door. It does not have fine details, so they are usually more affordable while presenting a simple look. They also lend themselves well to a glossy sheen.

For homeowners who prefer something more decorative, two options are always popular. The first is a louvered style, which has horizontal wood panels that make the cabinet doors look like windows. Beadboards have a similar effect, except the lines run vertically from top to bottom. This is a popular choice for people who want to create a cottage-style rustic kitchen.

Get Expert Advice When Choosing Different Cabinet Characteristics

Still can’t decide which cabinet characteristics are right for you?

Contact JK Cabinets & Design today and we’ll help you determine exactly which characteristics will create the kitchen of your dreams!

Choosing Different Cabinet Characteristics

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