The High and the Low: Cost of Materials Used in Kitchen Design

Cost of Materials Used in Kitchen Design

The cost of materials used in kitchen design can vary from dirt cheap to ridiculously expensive.

While the best choices are usually somewhere in the middle, let’s take a look at the most expensive and least expensive options for your kitchen.

Cost of Materials Used in Kitchen Design


Most Expensive: Real Wood

The most expensive cabinet material you will find is all wood, specifically custom-made, hand-built hardwood cabinetry. Woods will vary in price range, but maple, which is a favorite for custom work, is one of the most expensive materials you can find.

Least Expensive: Laminate

Wood with a coating of laminate is often the least expensive material you will find for cabinetry. A laminate is a thin layer of wood placed over a base material, which can be cheaper wood, plywood, or composite material. It’s often lighter and can be made to look strikingly similar to real wood cabinetry.

Cost of Materials Used in Kitchen DesignCountertops

Most Expensive: Lava Stone

There are many decorative and opulent countertop materials, but the most expensive is often “lava stone.” According to Countertop Guides, you will pay about $250 to $300 per square foot for this material, which is made from lava mined out of actual volcanic craters. This material is glazed, giving you plenty of design options.

Least Expensive: Laminate

At the other end of the countertop spectrum is … laminate! Yet again, a laminate material, which has a thin layer of decorative covering over an inexpensive base material, gives you affordability with style. Unfortunately, laminate often shows seams, can fade, and is not heat resistant. However, it only costs about $22 to $52 according to Countertop Guides.


Most Expensive

Want to spend $800 per square foot on a floor? Then good news – you can choose mosaic art flooring for your kitchen! According to Home Flooring Pros, commissioning mosaic art floors runs about $150 to $800 per square foot, yet also gives you a highly decorative touch.

Least Expensive

Vinyl is an affordable yet durable material that has been used in many kitchens across the country. Although the quality and visual appeal of vinyl has been improving, it still has a noticeably artificial look, which is a drawback for many homeowners. That said, The Spruce notes that you can install vinyl flooring for as little as 50 cents per square foot. When it comes to the cost of materials used in kitchen design, this is one of the most affordable options available.

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Cost of Materials Used in Kitchen Design

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