Picking the Right Countertops for your Kitchen Cabinets

Countertops for your Kitchen Cabinets

There are thousands, possibly millions of options for kitchen countertops. With so many materials, designs, and styles, selecting the perfect countertops for your kitchen cabinets can seem overwhelming.

However, if you already have cabinets in place, there are some simple design principles, as well as sources of inspiration, that you can use to select the absolute perfect countertops.

Picking the Right Countertops for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Choose Countertops Within the Existing Color Scheme

For the sake of this article, we’re assuming you already have kitchen cabinets in place and you simply need countertops to match. If the kitchen cabinets will remain unchanged, select a countertop style that is within the existing color scheme.

Countertops for your Kitchen CabinetsFor example, you may be using a white and beige combination, in which case a deep brown marble could be a good choice. Essentially, the point is to look at your kitchen cabinets and stay within their existing colors.

With Dark Cabinets, Select Light Countertops for Your Kitchen

Though styles and fads change, this classic design principle has remained in place. If you have dark cabinets, choose light countertops, and if you have light cabinets, choose dark countertops. Pretty simple, right?

While it is certainly possible to pair dark countertops with deeply stained cabinets, the combination of light and dark seem to give the kitchen more visual depth and character. It adds a timeless style to your home and is virtually guaranteed to be in style for decades, no matter what the fleeting trends have to say.

Choose Cabinets that Match or Resemble the Cabinet Hardware

One handy trick for selecting the countertops is to look at the hardware. As we said earlier, you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) match cabinets and countertops directly; they should instead be complementary. So where can you turn for inspiration? Why not the hardware? If you have polished steel handles and knobs on your cabinetry, maybe a matching grey granite countertop would look nice.

Match Countertops to Wall Color, Not Cabinets

Another source for matching colors is the walls. You can look at the walls for a general guide as to what type of countertops you should have. If your walls are white, maybe white or cream countertops with a bold backsplash would look good in your kitchen. The walls are another potential source of inspiration when you are selecting the right countertops for your kitchen cabinets.

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Countertops for your Kitchen Cabinets


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