How to Design your Dream Kitchen for your Needs

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A knowledgeable expert can design your dream kitchen for your needs, but before you do anything else, you need to understand what your needs actually are.

By taking the time to consider the following questions, your interior designer can create an amazing kitchen that keeps you happy for a very long time!

Design Your Dream Kitchen for Your Needs (And No One Else’s!)

What is Your Budget?

It might not be the most exciting aspect of designing a kitchen to meet your needs, but it must be considered. So let’s get it out of the way first. Take the time to think about your budget, setting a specific price on how much you can spend. It could be $5,000, it could be $150,000; just know your budget before you start and stick to it so your kitchen remodeling doesn’t become a financial burden.

How Big is Your Family?

Design Your Dream Kitchen for Your Needs

This is one of the most fundamental aspects that will help design your dream kitchen for your needs. Think about who is in the home, their ages, and their eating habits. Will they be in the home for years? Are you expecting more children? Is it just you and your spouse? Intentionally planning for your current and future family needs can guide you to specific choices, such as more or less eating space or food storage.

Is Your Kitchen a Social Space or a Work Space?

While the size of your family can provide a lot of guidance, how you use the kitchen is just as important when you want to design your dream kitchen. Are you the type of person (or family) who hangs out in the kitchen and uses the space as a social gathering area, or is it more of a utility space, used specifically for creating meals and storing food?

Are You a Take-Out Person, a Gourmet Chef, or Somewhere in Between?

How much do you cook? Do you create elaborate gourmet meals, or do you order takeout whenever possible? Do you have countless spices in the cabinet, or is it salt, pepper, and maybe some garlic powder?

This can help you choose your needs for storage space, including spice racks, drawers for pots and pans, and even cookbooks.

Design Your Dream Kitchen for Your Needs

What Do You Like to Drink?

Wine, beer, or cocktails? Are you alcohol-free? This is another important consideration, as most people who enjoy a couple of drinks prefer to have the kitchen designed to their favorite beverages. Many wine drinkers, for example, love to have a built-in wine rack and hanging wine glass holders.

Design Your Dream Kitchen for Your Needs with JK Cabinets

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From designing the layout to sourcing the right materials to finding expert remodelers, we’ll help with every step of your kitchen renovation!

Design Your Dream Kitchen for Your Needs

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