Designing a Kitchen Fit for a Foodie: Things to Think about Before your Remodel

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When you think of your kitchen, your creative juices start flowing. You imagine all the delicious dishes you can make and great times had by all as you’re preparing the meals. … Yup. You’re a foodie! You can smell the Madeleines you made in the oven, see your daughter slicing up vegetables for the salad, and you can hear the Margarita steak sizzling on the grill. … Wait. Grill? Indoors? … Well of course! You wouldn’t dream of doing without it. When designing a kitchen fit for a foodie, however, you’ll have to talk about a few things with your family and kitchen designer.

Here are a few things to think about for the design of your new kitchen, which no doubt will be your favorite place in the home.

Things to Think about When Designing a Kitchen Fit for a Foodie

When designing a kitchen fit for a foodie, things you should think about include what types of foods you expect to make the most. Are you a cook, or more of a baker? Do you enjoy an all-natural, vegan lifestyle, or are you more of a meat ‘n potatoes kind of family? You can design your kitchen so that you can create all of these dishes, of course, but focus on what you need the most.

For the Baker

Consider setting up a permanent, specific area for cooling cakes, cookies and other baked goods. Organize the width and height of the shelves to accommodate containers of flour, sugar and other necessities. Make sure those measuring spoons and cups are easily accessible, perhaps in their own spot in the pantry or hanging on the wall.

For the Griller

Having the ability to make multiple items at the same time is something someone who truly enjoys cooking can’t do without. Here’s where talking with your kitchen design specialist will help. The designer can suggest ways to set up a griddle as well as an indoor grill along with a traditional stovetop oven. They can also organize the grilling area so that you can have skewers, tongs and other items handy – perhaps tucked underneath the grill, in a drawer beside it or overhead.

Designing a Kitchen Fit for a Foodie

For the Home Cook

Are soups, salads and casseroles your specialty? Do you live for paninis, subs and sandwiches? Maybe a pasta dish or rice bowl?

Make sure you have large areas dedicated to slicing, dicing, deboning, whatever you need. Be sure to set it up so that you can prepare different foods in the most sanitary method.

Being able to store items like a food processor, blender and slow cooker in their own little areas will make it easier for you to access them. Talk with your designer about setting up as many ideally spaced shelves as possible to allow you to store these items separately.

For the Planter

If you can’t live without a fresh basil plant, decide where it will thrive and be easily accessible. If you enjoy canning foods to make sure you have them when you need them, see if you can create a second pantry with shelving organized for these specific items.

Get Back to Basics

In addition to all of the above, don’t forget to choose your basic kitchen appliances depending on how you will use them. Will you need a separate freezer for more storage? Will you need countertop space to store fruits and vegetables that should not be refrigerated? When designing a foodie’s kitchen, the more you prepare ahead of time, the better.

Ask JK Cabinets & Design for Suggestions

There’s so much to think about when designing a kitchen fit for a foodie, but it will be an exciting time. You can finally have the kitchen of your dreams, set up just how you want it. Tell us how you plan to use your kitchen, and we’ll design a kitchen to meet your needs.

Contact us through our JK Cabinets website or by phone at 480-219-9580. We’ll be just as excited to help you create the kitchen that’s right for you.

Designing a Foodie's Kitchen

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