Do Storage in a Stylish Way for a Small Bathroom

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Is your small bathroom crowded with cleaning products, lotions, toiletries, and hygiene products? Do you need more storage, but have no idea where you could possibly place more items? You might be surprised by how many storage options you actually have. By being creative, using vertical space, and refining your bathroom just a little, you can do storage in a stylish way for a small bathroom without cramping it.

Do Storage in a Stylish Way for a Small Bathroom

Add a Small Shelf Above the Sink

You don’t want to crowd the sink too much, but if you have a small space between the faucet and the bathroom mirror, you could add a short, small shelf for basic storage. This area could be used to place hand towels, bars of soap, hand lotion, and any other small bathroom accessories. This shelf can’t protrude too far, as you’ll eventually make it hard to use the sink, but it can add a little added storage to your bathroom.

Use the Space Above the Toilet

The space above the toilet is an under-used area that can be a perfect location for storage, especially toilet paper. A small basket sitting above the toilet reservoir can be used to store bathroom tissue, hand towels, or cleaner items. Another smart idea is to add a shelf above the toilet. This helps you use all the vertical space above the toilet without having anything actually touching the toilet, which can make some people uncomfortable, even if it is just the top reservoir.

Hang Spice Racks in the Bathroom

Let’s think about this one…we need a storage space for small bottles and containers. It has to mounted to the wall and not protrude outward too far. Hmm…a spice rack! Who says these convenient little storage items have to be for the kitchen? Take a spice rack and mount it on the wall by the sink; you now have the perfect space for medicine, small shampoo bottles, and soap.

Use the Back of the Bathroom Door for Hanging Towels

do storage in a stylish way for a small bathroom

If you are struggling to find wall space to hang your towels, consider hanging a rack on the back of the bathroom door, facing the inside of the bathroom. This area generally gets unused, so why not put it to work? If you do, make sure your door and mounts are strong enough to hold a few towels. You certainly don’t want to do this on a hollow wood door or your floor will be the new towel storage space.

Put Shelving Up High

Look at the top corners of your bathroom, where the wall meets the ceiling. Is there room anywhere for a small shelf? This is another area that rarely gets used, but by looking upward, you increase your storage while not cramping the space in an already-cramped bathroom.

Get a Stool Step with Storage Space

Do you have children who need a step stool to use the sink or to reach the toilet? Get the most from that handy little item by purchasing a step stool with storage space. You can find handy little steps that have multiple storage drawers, and these are perfect for storing a child’s bathroom items, especially bath toys, bubble bath, children’s soap, and small towels.

Replace Mirrors with Cabinetry

Another way to do storage in a stylish way for a small bathroom is to consider the mirrors. Do you have a flat mirror on your bathroom wall? Think about how many cubic feet or storage you are wasting with a flat, depthless mirror. If you have a large mirror, say four feet high by ten feet long, you could take out a section on each side and add vertical cabinets. If you have a small mirror that sits right in front of a single sink, you could take it out and replace it with a mirrored cabinet. Either way, you’re getting more storage space while adding style and design to your bathroom.

Put Storage Cabinets Right on the Countertop

Do you have any space to spare on your countertops? Instead of using two square feet for placing lotions and perfumes, add a vertical storage cabinet that gives you more square feet of space. You could add five or six small drawers to your bathroom, and with more drawers and cabinets, you can free up your already-cluttered bathroom closet!

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You can do storage in a stylish way for a small bathroom. One of the best ways to get more storage from your bathroom is through a complete remodeling.

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do storage in a stylish way for a small bathroom

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