Bathroom Renovations: How to Choose the Right Bathtub Style

Choose the Right Bathtub Style

Whether you’re just moving into your new home or renovating your outdated bathroom, you need to choose the right bathtub style to meet your needs. You will need to think about a few things, however, to help you make the best decision.

How to Choose the Right Bathtub Style

In order to choose the right bathtub style, you will need to consider a few factors.

1. Who will use it?

The obvious first step in choosing the right bathtub is to think about who lives in your home. If you live alone, making the choice is fairly easy. If children, senior citizens, or individuals with special needs live there too, you will need to choose a bathtub that is the most appropriate for them.

2. How often will it be used?

If you regularly enjoy long, hot baths, you may consider investing more money into a gorgeous bathtub. You could even make it the focal point of the bathroom.

If it is not used often, a simple, relatively inexpensive bathtub without intricate design might do.

Choose the Right Bathtub Style

3. What theme should it follow?

You will want the bathtub to match the theme, colors, and tone of the bathroom. If you want bright and sparkling, you might want white. If you want elegance, go with a spectacular matching design. Yet if you prefer exotic and attention-getting, you can choose something like a black bathtub.

4. Would you enjoy enhanced features?

Do you want to soak for hours, or just get in and go? If you prefer to chill, choose a bathtub with a relaxing headrest or any other features you might use. Along those lines, you can choose a bathtub with jets.

5. Do you need it to double as a shower?

If you have a separate shower, it opens up many possibilities for the bathtub. If you need need to shower in your bathtub, however, you will need to decide what types of doors you need and what types of showerheads, storage areas, and slip-resistance devices will be required.

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