Things Kitchen Cabinet Contractors Want you to Know Before you Remodel

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Things Kitchen Cabinet Contractors Want you to Know

If you are working with a contractor to remodel your kitchen, it’s important that you both have a clear understanding. A contractor or designer wants to make sure he or she is providing top-quality results, so while reliable professionals always adapt to meet your specific needs, there are some things that you should know to make the process easier for everyone involved. To make the entire remodeling process better, there are some things that all kitchen cabinet contractors want you to know. …

Things Your Kitchen Cabinet Contractors Want You to Know Before You Remodel

The Lingo

To be fair, a good contractor will speak your language when it comes to defining cabinets and explaining specifics of the industry. However, it never hurts to have a strong understanding of the basic lingo of kitchen cabinets.

Things Kitchen Cabinet Contractors Want you to Know

• Stock, Semicustom, and Custom

These are two of the most common terms you’ll hear in the industry. Stock cabinets are the most prevalent, as they are generally more affordable and easier to accessorize with various hardware. Semicustom cabinets offer a variety of designs with a few customized or hand-built options, such as decorative doors panels, while custom-made cabinets are designed and built completely to a single customer’s specification.

• Framed vs. Frameless

One of the main defining features of kitchen cabinets is the frame. This is the front part of the cabinets that lies over the body. It is also where the door rests when shut. However, it is possible to have frameless cabinets. In frameless cabinets, the doors make up the entire front section of the cabinetry, so when the doors are open, all you see is the shelving. This style of cabinetry provides a more open access to the interior of the shelving and is an attractive choice for modern, simplistic designs. When choosing a frame, remember that there are many factors involved, including visual appeal, pricing, and structural strength.


If your cabinetry has a frame, then you will need to know about the concept of “overlay.” This is the area where the frame is covered by the door. In a full overlay, the door covers the entire face of the frame, while a partial overlay only covers a portion.

• Inset

This is a style of cabinet face where the door rests inside the frame. Much like your front door, the cabinet door fits into the frame and creates a flush, flat appearance.

Proper Box Construction is Vital

Perfect finishes and elegant designs enhance your kitchen, but if your cabinets don’t have the right box construction, it’s not going to last. The box is the heart, or, more accurately, the skeleton of the cabinets. It holds everything together and supports the cabinetry for years to come, allowing you to get the most enjoyment from your cabinetry. Remember that you can focus on designs and style, but strong box construction is one of the most important, if not the most important element.

Dark Countertops Should Pair with Light Cabinets (and Vice Versa)

It’s a generally accepted design principle that when the countertops are dark, say a grayish-black granite material, then the cabinets should be light in tone. This principle also works in the other direction with dark cabinets and light countertops. So if your contractor or kitchen design team recommends cabinetry with a light stain to go with dark countertops, just know that they are adhering to time-honored principles that will deliver a long-lasting elegance and style to your kitchen.

There are Four Basic Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Something else that kitchen cabinet contractors want you to know about is basic elements. In general, your kitchen cabinetry will consist of four basic types. Between these four types, nearly every kitchen can have the right cabinets to fit specific needs and areas.

Things Kitchen Cabinet Contractors want you to Know

• Base Cabinet

This is the cabinetry that sits on the floor. The base can have several different options, including shelves, drawers, or pull-outs.

• Wall Cabinets

Although they come in many different heights, these are the cabinets that are mounted to the wall. Usually containing shelving, these cabinets are most often at eye level.

• Tall Cabinets

Sitting on the floor and stretching up to eight or nine feet, a tall cabinet provides storage space for appliances, nonperishables, and more.

• Specialty Cabinets

These are the types of cabinets that are used to fill in the spacial gaps. They can be the short, high-mounted cabinets above the fridge and stove, or custom-built pieces designed to perfectly fit a unique angle.

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Kitchen Cabinet Contractors want you to Know

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