Kitchen Cabinet Styles Defined

With so many kitchen cabinet styles, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Our Phoenix, Arizona kitchen design consultants can help.

Depending on other features of your kitchen and the color patterns you choose, you can make your kitchen your own by choosing trendy kitchen cabinet styles and then modifying them to suit your needs.

But where do you begin? You’ve probably seen the cabinet style you want, but unless you’re an interior designer, you probably don’t really know what it’s called. So let us help. …

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

1. Flat Panel Doors

Exactly as it sounds, these cabinet doors don’t have intricate designs, but they give your kitchen a simple, clean appearance.

2. Shaker Style

One of the most popular modern cabinet styles, Shaker cabinets have a recessed center panel. The outer edges are usually simple, but can feature decorative details.

Shaker style cabinets are among the most popular kitchen cabinet styles today.

3. Louvered Cabinets

The louvered style is similar to horizontal window blinds. They can even include spaces between each slat for an extra flair and to provide the inside of the cabinets with ventilation.

4. Frameless Cabinets

If you need to save space, frameless cabinets can provide you with more room inside the cabinet. They provide a simple look for your kitchen and can be easier to keep clean.

5. Inset Cabinet Doors

With most kitchen cabinet styles, the doors are attached to the outside of the cabinet. With an inset cabinet style, the doors are inside the frame, so they are flush with the overall cabinet.

6. Beadboard

The center panel of each door features vertical boards, which can create an exciting, eye-catching look. It also provides the kitchen with a rustic, cottage-style appearance. Fair warning: Due to all the lines and grooves, beadboard cabinets can be a challenge to keep clean.

7. Distressed

This is more of a concept than a style, and it is popular among individuals who want to create a unique kitchen design. You can choose any cabinet doors, but embellish them to create a rustic appearance. Natural doesn’t come easy, however, so make sure you do it with precision, skill, plenty of planning, the right tools, and a keen eye for design.

8. Glass Doors

Ah, glass doors for kitchen cabinets: You either love them or are adamantly against them. Depending on how they are constructed, they can either provide you with an elegant kitchen design or a rustic look. They can also give your kitchen a brighter appearance and an open air feel. If you want to be able to see what’s inside each cabinet, this is a great option. However, you will have to keep items inside the cabinets clean and organized, or your overall kitchen will appear cluttered.

Are glass kitchen cabinet doors right for you? Ask one of our Mesa, Arizona kitchen design consultants about the kitchen design styles that will be best for your home.

Let Us Help You Select the Right Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Many decisions are involved in designing a kitchen that both meets your needs and suits your style. You may want functional, yet beautiful. You may want elegant, yet simple. You may want clean, yet unique.

Finding the perfect balance can be a challenge, which is why the best place to begin is by choosing a local kitchen designer to help you. Come see us in Mesa, Arizona for a kitchen design consultation, and we’ll help you identify what options would work best for your kitchen.

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