How the Best Kitchen Cabinet Supplier near Chandler can Help You

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As the best kitchen cabinet supplier near Chandler, Arizona, JK Cabinets is proud to offer top-quality cabinetry to the fine people of the community.

While we are located in nearby Mesa, we love serving the hard-working, dedicated people of Chandler, Arizona and the surrounding community. This area is full of excellent homes, and we will be proud to help you get top-quality cabinets for any design. Whether you want classic and timeless or modern and contemporary, we have the cabinets you need for the most amazing kitchen you can imagine!

Kitchen Cabinet Supplier near Chandler, Arizona

Providing Advice and Support for Your Kitchen Remodeling

JK Cabinets is more than a kitchen cabinet supplier near Chandler, Arizona. We are also an experienced team that provides world-class support and remodeling advice for kitchens. We’ll take the time to understand your preferred style and specific needs, then create a plan that will make you happy for years. Whether you want an updated look or simply want a kitchen that is more accessible and convenient, we’ll provide superior advice that helps achieve your goals.

A Wide Range of Kitchen Cabinet Options

At JK Cabinets, we offer a wide range of cabinetry options to the residents of Chandler. As one of the leading kitchen cabinet suppliers near Chandler, Arizona, we have plenty of options for houses of all sizes, styles, and layouts.

While we have many more cabinet design styles, these are a few of our most popular…

Rustic Wood

Rustic seem to be getting more and more popular every year, and rustic wood cabinets provide a level of character and warmth that you can’t get from any other style. The rustic woods cabinets are perfect for country and farm-style homes or log-cabin designs, but they also fit into modern kitchens as well.

Contemporary Styles

The word “contemporary” implies living in the now or the present, so it can mean a lot of things when applied to cabinetry and home design. However, contemporary usually implies simple cabinets with clean, crisp lines. The style is often used in conjunction with warm leather and cool steel, as well as dynamic lighting and sophisticated, artistic accessories.

Steel Cabinets

While they are most often used in restaurant kitchens and garages, steel or metal cabinets are a popular choice for home kitchens as well. They add a shiny, sleek, modern appearance to the kitchen, and like wood, they can be painted to any color imaginable.

Foil Cabinets

Thermofoil, which is often simply called “foil” is a type of plastic finish that is applied to cabinetry, often lightweight wood core material, which is affordable and easy to manufacture but less attractive to the eye. Thermofoil cabinets can resist moisture, which makes them a popular choice for bathrooms, where humidity from showers is often an issue.


From classic white to vibrant, unique colors, painted cabinets give you plenty of options for creating the perfect look for your home. Obviously one of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets is white. It’s a clean, bright look that is especially useful for small kitchens, as white makes a room look more spacious. Of course, any color of the rainbow is available for painted cabinets, from red to green to violet.

One of the most common techniques for painted cabinets is to contrast the countertops. Essentially, if the cabinets are light, the countertops will be dark, or vice versa.


Anyone looking for a premium wood for their cabinets will love cherrywood. This type of wood is highlighted by its reddish color and more noticeable grain. Not only is cherry very fashionable, it’s also sturdy and durable. Just take a look at these top designs from Houzz and you’ll see why cherry is an elegant choice.


Although beechwood is often used for making furniture, it’s also a popular choice for cabinetry. It has a straight grain, which is known to give it more durability and strength. Beech is also heavily scrutinized during manufacturing, so only the finest-quality wood makes it to your cabinet doors and panels.


Maple trees aren’t just for syrup! While the sap makes for a great breakfast condiment, the wood makes for excellent cabinets, as it has a tight, fine grain that looks uniform and consistent across a large flat surface like a cabinet door. It absorbs stains well, allowing cabinet makers to deliver a wide variety of tones and hues.

Get Fantastic Service from a Kitchen Cabinet Supplier near Chandler, Arizona

Contact JK Cabinets today and let us help you have a kitchen that you will love with cabinets that will make you proud!

With over 10 years of experience, we know how to create a superior cabinet design that delivers a gorgeous appearance with excellent utility.

Kitchen Cabinet Supplier near Chandler, Arizona

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