Hiding the Ugly: Kitchen Trash Can Storage Ideas You Can Live With

Kitchen Trash Can Storage Ideas

The trash can: most definitely the ugliest aspect of your kitchen. You certainly can’t live without it, but you can’t live with how it looks either.

Throwing it outside isn’t an option. You need to use it inside.

Keeping it in a different room isn’t an option. You need it to be handy in the kitchen.

Not using it at all is not an option. You need it, period.

Fortunately, a variety of kitchen trash can storage ideas can help you keep that bin out of sight but still convenient for your everyday use.

5 Kitchen Trash Can Storage Tips You Can Use

Even if you’re not considering a full kitchen redesign, you might want to think about reorganizing or renovating a small area of your kitchen just for a more suitable space for the trash can.

You don’t have to go all out either. Consider these simple kitchen trash can storage ideas:

1. Add a vertical sliding drawer into your existing kitchen cabinets.

A tall drawer is the perfect place to insert a trash to keep it out of sight. It’s also easy to use, as all you need to do is pull the drawer out in order to throw something away. Best of all, you can design it so the top of the trash can is just about at your waist, so there will be no bending to throw anything away. If the drawer is deep enough, you can include two identical trash cans, one for garbage and one for recyclables.

2. Purchase a rolling cart with doors.

Many beautiful rolling carts that consist of cabinets, drawers, and organizational features are available for purchase at basic home goods stores. Place the trash can in one of the compartments in the cart, and keep the cart near the area where you prepare foods so that it’s easy to access. Needless to say, you also get the added benefit of additional storage space, ideally for items that are not related to food consumption or preparation such as cleaning products and kitchen towels.

3. Have a carpenter include a kitchen trash can storage area in your island.

Kitchen Trash Can Storage Ideas

A kitchen island is a convenient place to store a trash can, and no one will know it’s there. The trash can will have its own space, complete with a door for privacy and all.

4. Blend the trash can into your kitchen design.

As you’re designing or renovating your kitchen, make that cabinet or countertop just a little longer in order to incorporate space that boxes in the trash can. When it’s time to take the trash out, simply pull out the trash can, replace the bag, and drop the trash can back into its box. You’ll know it’s there, but it won’t be as visible.

5. Keep it where you’ve always had it, but add a little trick.

Many people simply store their trash cans behind closed doors under the kitchen sink. That’s certainly a convenient place, especially for throwing out garbage as you’re preparing foods or washing dishes. But the constant bending and opening and shutting the door is cumbersome, and it seems like you miss the trash can more often than not when you throw items away.

So how about this? Install your trash can on the inside of the door, and that’s it! Simple, smart, and inexpensive. Just make sure you have an inch or so of space between the trash can and the inside of the door so that you can secure trash bags to the bin.

Ask a Local Kitchen Designer for More Tips

Depending on how your kitchen is set up, a variety of other ideas can be used to hide your kitchen trash can. Call us at 480-219-9580 for additional suggestions or a full kitchen redesign consultation.


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