How to Make a Statement Bath in Any Size Space

Statement Bath

Baths seem to be losing their popularity. To save space in the bathroom, more people are choosing standup showers over large bathtubs. (Ironic, right? It is the bathroom after all!) However, baths can still be used to create a unique, stunning bathroom. In an age where baths are being phased out, a statement bath can make your space an unforgettable area.

Make a Statement Bath in Any Size Space

Use Tile for a Classic Look

One of the most respected materials for building your bath is simple tile. Obviously you’ll need nonporous material, but this can add elegance and class to your bathroom while giving you a strong, reliable surface. To make a statement bath, try building the tub area out of tile with a different tone or complementary color. However, avoid using a different material entirely, as this can create a clash of design themes.

Statement Bath

Have Small Counter Spaces All Around the Bathroom

Sometimes it’s not how you build the bath but what you place around it that counts. Try ringing your bathroom with counter space where you can place elegant decorations and pictures. This is also a great opportunity to add a space where you can rest a glass of wine while you are relaxing in the bathtub. Imagine your bath surrounded by candles and a bottle of wine; now that’s a statement you will never forget!

Have the Bath Be a Different Color

While you certainly don’t want the bathtub to clash with the rest of the bathroom, if you want an area that looks great and makes a powerful statement, then having the tub as a separate color from the rest of the walls and flooring will certainly work. Consider using a complementary color or a secondary color from your color palate to pull off this look without disrupting the overall feel of the bathroom.

Place the Tile in the Middle of the Bathroom

If you’ve got space to spare, then why not use it? Most bathrooms have the bath or shower placed conveniently out of the way in a back corner, but if you want to have a statement bath, then place it right in the middle. You’ll be surprised by how many compliments you get for your charming bath that sets the tempo for the entire bathroom.

Get an Amazing Bathroom with a Gorgeous Statement Bath

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Make a Statement Bath in any Size Space


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