Making your bathroom remodel kid friendly

Bathroom Remodel Kid Friendly

Making a bathroom remodel kid friendly involves a wide range of factors.

You need to consider child safety while creating a bathroom that small kids can use. You also need to consider design, colors, and themes that will make the room more appealing for children.

We’d love to help you create a bathroom that kids can use from diapers to high school graduation. Getting them out of the house after that, however, is up to you!

Making Your Bathroom Remodel Kid Friendly

Install a Pull-Out Step

Bathroom Remodel Kid Friendly

While many parents opt for the step stool, if you are going through the redesign process, you can make your bathroom remodel kid friendly by installing a pull-out step. This essentially acts as a floor-level drawer that can be pulled out, providing a step for small children and allowing for easier access to the sink. When the child gets taller, the pull-out step can be converted into storage space.

Choose Towel Hooks over Towel Bars

Towel bars can be more difficult for small children. Instead, choose hooks that kids can easily use on their own. When you choose hooks, kids can hang their own towels and you’ll be less likely to pick up and refold towels over and over again.

A Big Sink for Little Hands

Let’s face it – even the cleanest of children can be messy. A larger trough sink allows for kids to splash water and soap bubbles without making a wet mess on the countertop. If the space allows, choose a large sink for faster and cleaner hand-washing.

Install a Quiet-Close Toilet Seat

Bathroom Remodel Kid Friendly

Slam. Slam! SLAM! If a toddler discovers the joy of slamming the toilet seat, be prepared for a loud, noisy bathroom. By installing a quiet-close toilet, you give your home more peace and quiet. You may be spoiling a child’s fun, but your sanity will be worth the effort!

Place Grab Bars in the Tub

Grab bars, which are easy to reach and provide reliable grip, are smart safety features for a child’s bathroom. Place them near the toilet and tub where a child’s shorter arms can reach them comfortably.

Test Tile for Slip Factor

If you want to make your bathroom remodel kid friendly, take the time to test the slipperiness of floor tiles. Textured surfaces are generally better for slip-resistance, and you can likely find something that fits the bathroom’s design theme.

Think About the Hardware You Choose

When choosing the hardware for pull drawers and cabinets in a child’s bathroom, it’s usually best to choose handles over knobs. Knobs can be difficult for small hands to grip, while D-handles provide convenience and versatility.

Be Colorful

Kids love color! While you might choose a faded, rustic design for your personal bathroom, let your kids have a bright, vibrant bathroom with reds, blues, yellows, and other engaging colors! Get creative with shapes, and allow your child to select their favorite theme.

Make Your Bathroom Remodel Kid Friendly with JK Cabinets & Design

Contact JK Cabinets & Design and let us help with your kid-friendly bathroom remodel. We’ll help you find the right colors, patterns, and safety features to create a bathroom that will look great for years!

Bathroom Remodel Kid Friendly

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