Man Cave Design Tips: The Top Elements of the Perfect Man Cave

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Every man deserves a man cave. From sports fanatics to auto junkies to outdoor enthusiasts, a man cave is their place to escape the world and relax. Like a good kitchen, a man cave design needs to be planned perfectly to get long-lasting quality. … Wondering how you can create the perfect man cave to keep you happy for years? With these simple man cave design tips, you’ll be all set to create the perfect man cave design.

Man Cave Design Tips from JK Cabinets & Design

Choose Your Theme for the Man Cave Design

The theme of your man cave is going to set the tone, tempo, and atmosphere of your space, so choose wisely. Not sure what to pick? It’s pretty simple really: just choose what you enjoy the most. Are you an auto-loving gear-head? Are you passionate about baseball? Are you an outdoorsman who can’t get enough hunting or fishing? From nerdy (we mean that in a good way) themes like sci-fi and fantasy to classic manly hobbies like golf or poker, whatever you love should be your theme. There are tons of theme ideas for you to choose, so make sure to pick one that suits you best! Now that we have a theme, we’re ready for the detailed man cave design tips.

Choose One Item as the Focal Point of the Room

Once you have your theme, you should find one specific item as the focal point for the room. This could be an impressive decoration or a unique piece of furniture. For example, if you are going with the outdoor sportsman theme, maybe a big moose head, trophy fish, or bear pelt is your focal point. If you have an automotive theme, a table made from a classic bumper or a chrome grille mounted above the bar could be your focal point.

Have at Least One Activity Available

Drinking beer and watching sports might seem like enough, but a great man cave will have at least one game or activity that keeps your guests entertained. You can go with barroom classics like billiards, foosball, and darts, or you can go with always-entertaining and unique items like a retro arcade machine, puzzles, or sports trivia books. Think about your theme and get creative with this one. From simple to high-tech, a good activity will make your man cave design fantastic.

Position the Television Strategically

Like a good sports bar, every man cave needs a television or two, but they don’t necessarily need to be the center of the room. Position the television where it can be seen from every spot in the man cave. Maybe it’s the corner above a bar or directly in front of the couch.

Separate the Room With a Classy Yet Manly Wall Texture or Decor

The walls in your man cave give you a blank canvas to make the room a distinct area. While the rest of the house has eggshell white walls, your man cave can have wood panels, chrome, natural rock, or a vibrant paint color that goes perfectly with your favorite team’s logo.

Keep the Theme Going In the Bathroom

If you go to an Irish-style pub, the bathroom doesn’t look like an airport restroom. If you go to a sports bar, you’ll probably see sports memorabilia and other items when you visit the facilities. The same principle applies to your man cave. Whatever theme you have chosen, keep it going in the bathroom.

Have Three-Dimensional Decor

Two-dimensional decorations like posters, bar mirrors, and framed pictures are great, but you should have at least one item that pops out of the wall, giving your man cave more character and liveliness. Depending on your theme, this can include a football helmet, trophy fish, deer head, movie figurines, or automotive parts. One item or more should come out of the wall and give your decorative theme some depth and liveliness.

Standing-Level Tables Are Essential

When you and your guest are standing, perhaps around the bar or waiting for a shot at billiards, it’s nice to have an elbow-level space to place your drink. Think tall-top bar tables, wall edges, or raised countertops. You’ll make your area feel more like a place to hang out and less like a family living room with these simple additions.

The Ultimate Man Cave Design Tip: At Least One Recliner

Finally, give yourself the gift that every man loves. Your man cave isn’t complete without a comfy, cozy, plush recliner. Most of the time, you’ll be relaxing in your man cave by yourself, enjoying a cold beer and an evening ballgame after a long day of work. The pool table, bar, and unique decor are nice, but it’s the recliner that makes it a real man cave.

More Man Cave Design Tips Are Waiting for You!

Want more man cave design tips? Contact JK Cabinets today and let up help you create the best living space for you, your friends, and your family!

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