Bathroom Renovations: Modern Bathtub Designs Explained

Modern Bathtub Designs

Once you decide that you definitely want to include a bathtub in your bathroom renovation plans, you will have to choose which bathtub is right for your home. You have a wide selection of modern bathtub designs to choose from, and the best bathroom designers can customize the overall appearance of the bathroom to make it just right for you.

Common Modern Bathtub Designs

Some of the most common modern bathtub designs and features include alcove, freestanding, clawfoot, drop-in, walk-in, soaking, and jet. Certain aspects of each bathtub style can be used to complement another, ultimately creating a gorgeous bathroom with all the features you desire.

• Alcove bathtubs are usually surrounded by three walls in a certain section of the bathroom, hence the word “alcove.” Alcove bathtub styles are common and traditional.

• Freestanding bathtubs are not supported against a wall, allowing them to become a beautiful focal point of the bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs tend to be in clawfoot designs and are ideal for larger bathrooms.

Soaking tubs are deeper, so you can relax in them more comfortably. Because they are deeper, the water can stay warmer for a longer period of time. They are also ideal for therapeutic purposes.

• For the ultimate in relaxation, consider a bathtub with jets. You even have the option of adding jets to your existing tub.

• Walk-in bathtubs are especially known for their universal accessibility, allowing individuals including senior citizens to get in and out safely.

Modern Bathtub Designs

For almost any of the modern bathtub designs, you can include armrest features and other elaborate touches, allowing you to light up candles or surround yourself in soothing scents to make your bath especially luxurious.

Design your Perfect Bathroom

Perhaps the most important factor in your bathroom and bathtub design is the needs of the people in your household. You will naturally consider each of their needs when designing your bathroom.

However, other factors include how much space you currently have; how often you expect to use the bathtub; whether or not you plan to shower in the bathtub; and how much money you plan to spend on your bathtub and overall bathroom renovation. You also will want to consider the color scheme and tone of your bathroom as you explore bathtub styles.

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Modern Bathtub Designs

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