New Year’s Eve Drink Recipe Ideas to Help You Ring in 2019

Fun and festive drink recipe ideas can help you ring in 2019.

This Dec. 31, you can have the classic drinks available, but you can also go all out with something new and unique. There are many fabulous New Year’s Eve drink recipe ideas out there that are beautiful, festive, and fun. Whether you’re heading out to the party or hosting it in your Arizona home, flavorful and creative drink recipes that kick the party up a notch will be a hit every time.

5 New Year’s Eve Drink Recipe Ideas Guests Will Love

1. Mistletoe Margaritas, as presented on Delish

Combine festive margaritas with mistletoe, and you’ll have a night to remember. Among other ingredients, it includes cranberries, tequila, and triple sec.

2. Irish Coffee, as presented on Liquor

It’s a bit chilly out there at midnight, and this drink will help keep you warm and awake. The main ingredients are whiskey, brown sugar, and coffee.

3. Midori Melon Ball Drop, as presented on The Spruce Eats

Melon ball garnishes add a festive appeal to this vodka martini, which includes vodka and vermouth.

4. Orange Cream Mimosa, as presented on The Cooking Channel

Whether it’s for your midnight champagne toast or to complement breakfast on New Year’s Day, this is a fascinating take on the classic drink. It features orange juice, half-and-half, and, of course, champagne.

5. Pomegranate Seltzer Cocktail Mixer, as presented on AZ Central

This drink is as beautiful as it is festive, and who doesn’t love pomegranates? Among other ingredients, the pomegranate seltzer includes pomegranate and cranberry juices. Use it for martinis or wine spritzers.

Colorful fruits add a kick to punch. There are many festive drink recipe ideas for New Year's Eve parties.

Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipe Ideas for New Year’s Eve

If you’re ringing in the new year with teenagers or young children, they’ll want to join in the fun with festive drinks too. Here are some ideas that will make their evening just as outstanding as yours.

1. Hot Cinnamon Cider Floats, as presented on Tablespoon

Is this dessert? Or a twist on a classic drink? Either way, the kids will love it! It features cinnamon, hot cider, ice cream, and a burst of flavor.

2. Grandmother’s Punch, as presented on All Recipes

This drink features a variety of fruit flavors along with ginger ale and sherbet. Add some fresh fruits to the mix for garnish.

3. Hot Vanilla, as presented on All Recipes

It’s basically hot chocolate, but vanilla. Kids always love hot chocolate, and this is a delightful spin on the traditional drink. It includes a hint of cinnamon for a nice kick.

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Remember to drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

And have an outstanding New Year’s Eve and an amazing 2019!

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