How an Outstanding Arizona Kitchen can Make Your Holiday Party

An outstanding Arizona kitchen can help you host the ultimate holiday party.

As you’re preparing for your holiday party, you stand in your outdated kitchen, look around, and grimace. Then suddenly, you see a flash of light before your eyes, and voila, the room is transformed into the outstanding Arizona kitchen you’ve always wanted. The kitchen countertops are immaculate. The floors are shimmering. The appliances are state-of-the-art. Your friends are laughing around the kitchen island, dressed in their ugliest sweaters and sipping on eggnog.

It doesn’t have to be just a daydream. By this time next year, this could all be yours.

How the Right Kitchen Design Can Help You Host the Ultimate Holiday Party

You know very well that no matter how much you try to have guests stay in the living room, backyard, or dining room, they will still gather in the kitchen. It’s virtually inevitable. And who can blame them? That’s where the food and fun is, after all.

With the right kitchen design, your kitchen will be even more inviting to them and more efficient for you.

1. Newer appliances can help you whip up foods like a pro.

As a part of your kitchen renovation, you will undoubtedly want to swap out your old appliances for new, modern appliances that match your kitchen design. You’ll find that more advanced appliances will provide you with additional features, like more storage space and technological elements, that can help you work more efficiently.

2. The addition of a kitchen island creates space to socialize.

An island can work wonders in a kitchen. It can include a second sink, wine rack, wine glass rack holder, and compartments where you can store items you might need for your holiday party. You can also use the island to set out light finger foods and drinks, or even a music corner. No doubt, your friends and family will gather around to eat, drink, and chitchat.

3. A strategic kitchen renovation will provide you with more storage space.

When you renovate your kitchen, you’re naturally organizing it as well, which will provide you with more space. This is especially true if you include a new, spacious kitchen pantry in your kitchen design. More space and organization for your pots, pans, spices, herbs, and cookware will allow you to move around your kitchen with ease – and find what you want when you need it.

4. Additional burners and indoor grills allow you to cook multiple foods at the same time.

No one said you have to stick with only four burners. Today’s modern kitchens feature multiple burners and grills that can help you cook multiple foods easier and faster. With a grill, your options become greater as well.

5. You can add outstanding features.

As you’re working with one of our kitchen design consultants in Phoenix, ask about the possibility of adding a small sitting room in your kitchen, which is a great place for you to talk with your guests while keeping an eye on what’s cooking. It’s also an ideal spot for young children to sit to complete their homework or play as you’re preparing that holiday meal or everyday dinner.

Other features you might want add to enhance your home include a spice kitchen, enclosed patio off the kitchen, or even an outdoor kitchen. With an outdoor kitchen and beautiful sitting area in your backyard, your holiday party will be sure to please.

Create an Outstanding Arizona Kitchen with JK Cabinets

Can you see your beautiful new kitchen yet? Now do you want to see your vision come to fruition?

Make an appointment for a consultation with one of our kitchen designers in Mesa, and we’ll work with you to design an outstanding Arizona kitchen that will enable you to host the ultimate holiday party as well as enjoy cooking, dining, and socializing every day of the year.


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