What You Can Do to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

Prepare for a kitchen remodel ahead of time.

We know how much your kitchen means to you, so we aim to make renovations as smooth and efficient as possible. You should still prepare for a kitchen remodel, however, by making a few simple alternate arrangements for the duration of the work. Making these plans ahead of time can make the kitchen renovation easier on everyone involved.

5 Ways Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

1. Move the refrigerator and microwave into a different room.

If possible, move the entire refrigerator into another room. Doing so can be challenging due to the weight of the refrigerator, the possibility of staining other areas or the home, or the possibility of scratching the floors. 

If moving it is not ideal, clear out the perishables. If you can, cook at home for a few days prior to the start of the remodel. When you do, try to use up any foods that will expire during the course of the renovation.

Using coolers or spare refrigerators you happen to have elsewhere in the home can be helpful as well. You may even consider investing in a mini-fridge to place in the garage or other area of the home.

Moving the microwave into another room should be an easy step. All you need is a table and an electrical outlet nearby, and you can use it on a regular basis.

2. Set up a temporary eating area.

You can finally make use of that beautiful dining room table that no one ever sees, or you can set up a table in the living room or other ideal area of the home. 

You can even use patio furniture to turn your backyard into a small dining area. (Hint: This would be perfect opportunity, by the way, to convince your family to formally create the outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted for your Arizona home in the near future.)

Because you likely will not be able to use your kitchen sink or dishwasher to wash dishes, stock up on paper plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and trash bags. Keep them handy in the room that you will use most often while the kitchen is being renovated. Don’t forget to recycle any paper or plastic that you can.

In order to prepare for a kitchen remodel, ask one of our kitchen design consultants how long your renovation is expected to take and what tips they can provide.

3. Pack up.

Safely pack away pots, pans, utensils, and small appliances in tote boxes or heavy-duty moving boxes. To get them out of the way, place them in the garage or other rarely used room in the home.

4. Include the cost of eating out in your budget.

You’ll likely want to simplify mealtime by eating out or having food delivered to you.

5. Consider your pets.

There are several things you should do to prepare for a kitchen remodel if you have pets in the home. 

  • Set up barriers to keep your pets from getting into the kitchen. If you have a cat, that may mean boarding up breakfast bars and entryways more thoroughly.
  • If your dog needs to walk through the kitchen to get outside, set up a different route for it if possible.
  • If you have an aquarium in your kitchen, see if you can move it elsewhere in your home.
  • Move pet food to a safer area.

If you feel that your curious pets might get in the way or be in danger due to debris, consider sending them to a friend’s house for the duration of the kitchen remodel. In fact, some may even be afraid of the noise. For all these reasons and more, having a safe place for them to go may be most ideal in general.

Here’s one more tip: As you prepare for a kitchen remodel, it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter your kitchen. Donate items that are rarely used, and throw away items that are chipped, broken, rusty, or don’t work properly.

Call our kitchen design consultants for more information about how to prepare for a kitchen remodel.

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