Five Signs you Should Renovate your Kitchen Cabinets

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The kitchen is supposed to be one of the most engaging rooms in your home, and the kitchen cabinets are usually (fortunately or unfortunately) the first thing a person will notice. When your kitchen cabinets look great, it makes the whole kitchen seem like a refined, well-kept area. When the cabinets are run-down, it makes the same kitchen look old and worn. … So how can you be sure your kitchen cabinets need a renovation? Turns out, knowing when to renovate your kitchen cabinets is simple; you just need to know what to look for. …

5 Signs you Should Renovate your Kitchen Cabinets

Water damage

Cabinets are made of wood, which means moisture can have a damaging effect on their overall appearance and strength. If you are seeing strange dark spots on the surface of your cabinets or if you notice that they don’t seem to close the way they used to, you could have water damage on your hands. Water will swell the wood, warp their overall shape, and lead to coloring damage.

How can you be sure your problem is water damage? You’ll need a qualified professional to know for sure, but some signs include bubbling on the inside, loss of lamination, or a general darkening of the wood, especially in small, concentrated areas.

The most important step is to find the source of moisture and stop it right away. The next step will be to remove damaged wood and either renovate the existing cabinets or have them replaced completely.

The cabinets have lost their luster

If they are faded, scratched, dented, or damaged, it’s time to renovate your kitchen cabinets. Maybe the vibrant paint on your cabinets no longer brightens up the room. Maybe the shiny wood finish is faded and indistinct.

In this case, you have a fast and cost-effective kitchen cabinet renovation on your hands. Assuming the cabinets are structurally sound, a professional can remove them from the kitchen, give them a fresh coat of paint or stain, and apply a layer of finish that will give you decades of gorgeous cabinetry.

Badly-organized layout

Do your cabinet doors constantly bang into each other? Are some areas hard to access? Do drawers rarely open without getting stuck? The overall function of your kitchen is very important, so it helps to have a layout that makes cooking, cleaning, and putting away dishes simple and easy.

In this case, simply removing cabinetry and having them refinished will not fix the problem. You’ll need a complete redesign of the cabinet layout, which could include changing the hinge position on cabinet doors or replacing the cabinetry completely.

Whether you can’t reach items at the back of your cabinets or two cabinet doors are constantly ramming into each other, a trained and experienced remodeling professional can take a look at your kitchen and create a more useful design. When done right, your kitchen will not only function properly, it will look fantastic!

You plan to sell the home

While most people add new cabinetry to please themselves, it’s not uncommon to renovate your kitchen cabinets to impress potential buyers. If you are selling your home, take a good hard look at your cabinets and ask yourself if home buyers will like the design.

Investing in white cabinetry is one of the best ways to attract young buyers, who seem to prefer colored cabinets over a natural wood finish. White is a versatile, friendly color that can go well with practically any design, making it a great option for anyone who wants to sell.

To be fair, this might not increase the value of your home, and, like many home renovations, it can take a while to recoup the costs. However, kitchen cabinet renovations can make a home more attractive, increasing the chance of a faster sell.

For whatever reason, you simply don’t like them

It’s okay if you simply don’t like your current cabinets. The kitchen is supposed to be one of the most welcoming and charming rooms in a home, so if you don’t like them, you deserve to have them replaced.

There could be many signs that your cabinets don’t meet your standards. Maybe you simply don’t like spending time in the kitchen or don’t feel at ease when you’re cooking and cleaning. Maybe you’ve caught yourself actively avoiding the kitchen or keeping company from entering the room. The kitchen should be an area to show off, not to hide, so work with a professional who can enhance the appeal of your cabinetry.

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