The Best Tips for Creating a Rustic Kitchen Look

Creating a Rustic Kitchen Look

Rustic designs are becoming more popular every year. It seems that as technology becomes a larger part of our lives, we want home designs that are more natural, classical, and simplistic. Creating a rustic kitchen look might seem easy, but it takes a methodical approach to design that should be done with care and precision. When done right, you can create a timeless look that will make you proud for years!

Tips for Creating a Rustic Kitchen Look

Let Wood Define the Room

One of the universal elements of a rustic kitchen is wood. By using warm, rich wood throughout your kitchen, you give the area a rustic, classic style that is rarely accomplished with other materials.

Creating a Rustic Kitchen Look

So what components should be wood? Obviously you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) have everything be wood, as that would simply be too much brown, but you can start with two facets: cabinets and flooring. You could also install a section of butcher block, or you could add repurposed wood beams into the room’s structure. No matter what the size and scope of your kitchen, adding wood is an important part of creating a rustic kitchen look.

Use a Small Touch of Stone or Brick

Like wood, natural stone is another essential element for rustic kitchens. Natural stone is a throwback to classic design practices, giving your kitchen a timeless, steady appearance. For natural stone, think flagstone or slate, and always choose faded or matte finishes as opposed to bright and glossy, which will take away from the rustic look.

You can also use brick or tile. Red bricks also have an old-world look to them, and faded tiles look great as a backsplash when creating a rustic kitchen look.

Incorporate Local Flair

Rustic design is supposed to align with the local region. If you live in a forested region, for example, this would mean using lumber from nearby mills. If you live in the New England region, you might incorporate a maritime style to achieve your rustic look.

Creating a Rustic Kitchen Look

Here in Arizona, this means a strong helping of southwest style, which combines wood, bold colors, and vibrant patterns.

Natural Light

Rustic is all about the natural. Natural wood. Natural stone. And of course, natural light. If you are creating a rustic kitchen look through an extensive remodel, you may want to consider adding more windows or expanding the window space you already have. If your home is surrounded by trees that block light and clog the view, consider removing or trimming them so more natural light can enter the kitchen.

If there isn’t a second story or attic above the kitchen, you could install skylights. Painting the cabinets white is a simple method for maximizing the light you already have coming into the kitchen. By bringing in more outside light, you are enhancing the rustic appearance in the kitchen.

A Slight Element of Faded Metal

Finally, find one or two small places to include a little metal. We’re not talking stainless steel faces on the fridge; we’re talking cabinet hardware or a small lamp. Wrought iron fits elegantly into a rustic kitchen, creating a unique look. Other places to add iron or rustic metals include pot racks, baker’s racks, and book stands.

Creating a Rustic Kitchen Look for Your Home

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Creating a Rustic Kitchen Look

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