Top Trends in Bathroom Vanities: Functionality and Beauty Combine for Elegant Interior Design

2019 trends in bathroom vanities include floating vanities, marble bathroom countertops, and open shelving.

The bathroom vanity is the place where you shave, put on makeup, brush your hair, wash your hands, and store a ton of miscellaneous bathroom items. For some homeowners the vanity is also the focal point of the bathroom. So not only does the vanity need to be functional – where else would you put those fresh rolls of toilet paper? – it should also look attractive. Here are the top trends in bathroom vanities.

Open Shelving

No longer are doors required in the bathroom. Although you’d want a door on the bathroom itself and probably the shower as well, you don’t have to have doors on your vanity.

2019 is the year of open shelving. You may have seen this trend in the kitchen, and it’s a popular one for the bathroom as well. Use decorative baskets to store bathroom necessities alongside accent items such as vases, and you’re right on trend.

Floating Vanities

You’ll be walking on air with this contemporary trend. Cabinets without floor support (meaning no legs or feet) are secured to the wall for a space-saving, modern effect. This type of vanity lends itself to modern finishes, so look for white minimalist or grainy wood tones.

No More Over-Mounts

Over-mounted sinks collect dirt and are dated. Keep your vanity clean and up-to-date with an under-mount, farmhouse, or vessel sink.

Natural Elements

Natural elements are among the top trends in bathroom vanities as well. Unfinished and reclaimed woods add organic peacefulness to the bathroom. Pair a wood vanity with metallics and a glossy bathroom countertop to complete the project.

Industrial Trends in Bathroom Vanities

If you’re inspired by the industrial trend, create the look by pairing reclaimed wood, metal hardware, and unpolished edges. Create balance by pairing with a marble bathroom countertop, or complete the industrial look by installing a sink with a deep basin.


A high-end classic that stands the test of time, you can’t go wrong with a marble countertop in the bathroom. It adds style and a spa-like elegance and is available in modern and traditional colors.

Less is more

Choose a simple, sleek silhouette for a minimalistic style. This type of vanity lends itself well to smaller spaces, but can be used in any bathroom.  A modern white vanity with clean lines, minimalist hardware, and a simple countertop can help you achieve the look.

Not sure what style fits you the best? If you think you may need help deciding what fits your home, schedule an appointment with a design consultant who will give you the latest on trends in bathroom vanities and other bathroom design ideas.

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