6 Tactics to Convince Your Family that It’s Time to Replace the Kitchen Appliances

When it's time to replace the kitchen appliances, you'll see the signs.

Older kitchen appliances that no longer work properly are enough to make you miserable. Cooking meals won’t be as fun. The thought of baking desserts won’t be as mouthwatering. Even having people over for game night won’t be as appealing, because you’re kitchen isn’t up to par. If you don’t love your kitchen as much as you used to, it may be time to replace the kitchen appliances.

Chances are, everyone in your household feels the same way. But just in case your significant other needs a little coaxing, here are a few ways to get him or her to see things from your perspective.

Honey, It’s Time to Replace the Kitchen Appliances Because …

“I’m ruining everything.”

Hey, it’s not your fault. You’re a great cook! Those ancient appliances are to blame.

“The stovetop burners aren’t working like they used to.”

“I set it to simmer. I don’t know how it’s on high all of a sudden.”

“The temperature setting has a mind of its own.”

“The oven door jammed, so the casserole was stuck in there forever and that’s why it’s extra crispy.”

“The oven sucked all the moisture out of the turkey. No really, it was the oven. … Here’s the extra gravy you wanted.”

You get the idea. Whatever you have to say.

The truth is, if they’re getting older, they very well will become harder to work with.

Blame those cooking skills on the need to replace the kitchen appliances.
“They don’t match.”

Having matching appliances is one of the most important elements of kitchen design.

When you first bought your appliances, they all matched certain themes and colors. Over time, as each piece broke down and needed to be replaced, you bought new ones. And now it’s a design disaster.

Start over from scratch, and you’ll have a more cohesive design in your kitchen.

“They’re out of style.”

When you originally bought your kitchen appliances, you had a particular theme for your kitchen and your overall home. But you’ve grown since then, and your tastes have changed. So have everyone else’s. If your guests walk in and grimace a bit, it may be time to replace the kitchen appliances. Your kitchen is often a centerpiece of your home, after all, so if it looks outdated, it will drag down the appearance of the rest of your house.

“Our lifestyle has changed.”

As your family grows or becomes smaller, or as your interests and hobbies change, you need kitchen appliances that suit your current needs. If someone in your family has decided to create the most fascinating cooking channel ever on YouTube, for example, you need to invest in additional appliances and also replace the older ones in order to give the kitchen the right flare for the screen.

“They’re giving me a headache.”

If your appliances start making noises that sound like they came out of that horror movie you watched last week, it may be time to replace them. If appliances like your food processor, blender, microwave, or dishwasher are making unusual noises, by the way, it may also be dangerous, so it’s definitely time to start shopping.

“Our water and electric bills are out of control.”

Many newer home goods are made to be more energy efficient, so if it’s time to replace the kitchen appliances, choosing energy-efficient items may be an easy way to save money. Plus, you’ll help the environment, so it’s a win-win all around.

Making Yourself and Your Family Happy

The bottom line is to follow your heart, as having a kitchen you love will simply make you happier. You’ll know when it’s time to replace the kitchen appliances, and no doubt your significant other will too. And when you do, contact us to help you renovate!


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