The Value of White Walls for your Kitchen Makeover

White Walls for your Kitchen Makeover

There are many different colors that you can choose for your kitchen walls. Bright reds, faded yellow, earthy browns…the list is virtually endless. With so many bold options, people often assume that white walls for your kitchen makeover is a dull, boring choice.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

White is a time-tested, versatile, friendly color that will look great for years. While you can go bold or downright outrageous with color options, don’t overlook the value of white walls.

White Walls for Your Kitchen Makeover

Brightens Up the Room

It’s the most obvious, isn’t it? White walls are excellent for bringing bright, cheerful color into a room. If you want a space that has an energetic, friendly character, then white will certainly fit your needs. Deep, dark colors may seem “classier” or more sophisticated, but white is cheerful and welcoming.

White Walls for Your Kitchen Makeover Maximizes Natural Light

Kitchens with large windows or skylights (or both) will be able to get the most from natural light when bright colors are used, especially white. White walls for your kitchen makeover will reflect the most light, allowing you to take advantage of even partially cloudy days while having plenty of bright character in your home.

Makes the Kitchen Appear More Spacious

White Walls for your Kitchen Makeover

As architectural color designer Kimberly Collins Jermain points out, white has the innate ability to visually expand spaces. Rooms with white paint appear to be larger than they really are, especially compared to the same-size room with dark paint and cabinets.

If you have a small kitchen, and constantly feel cramped while you are in the room, you will likely benefit from painting your kitchen walls white.

Gives the Kitchen Versatile Design Options

Let’s say you paint the kitchen walls a tasteful green. It looks great next to your natural design theme with earthy tones and nature-inspired decor. But what happens if, in five years, you decide to go with a modern, minimalist style that emphasizes whites and blacks. Suddenly your green walls are a hindrance to your new design choice; you’ll have to repaint the kitchen or pick a different style.

With white walls for your kitchen makeover, you rarely have this problem. White, more than any color (except possibly black), is adaptable to almost any design, theme, style, or color palate. Think about a white top in your wardrobe. You can match it to almost any skirt or pair of paints. The same versatility applies to your kitchen’s white walls.

The Perfect Background for Decor

If you love having art hanging on the kitchen walls, or you simply want to accent your favorite family portraits, white is the perfect choice. Other colors can draw attention away from the wall decor, but white helps decorations stand out in all their glory. There’s a reason why most art galleries have white walls!

Make Your Kitchen Makeover a Success with JK Cabinets & Design

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White Walls for your Kitchen Makeover


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